Good Leadership Is Like a Jackalope

Good leadership defines a clear vision, a big vision, and articulates that crisply.

Good leadership is the ability to make decisions. Sometimes very tough and unpopular ones.

Good leadership understands that not taking decisions is effectively making a decision, passively. And that there are consequences to passive decision making.

Good leadership is listening, integrating, synthesizing, pulling out what matters from the noise, and acting.

Good leadership is NOT decisions by consensus.

Good leadership welcomes dissent, discussion and never trusts “yes-men”.

Good leadership is not afraid to make mistakes. In fact, it values taking decisions and correcting quickly if mistakes are found over analysis paralysis.

Good leadership is honest, direct and consistent.

Good leadership is NOT texting under the table what you really think to your peers while smiling and nodding to the presenter.

Good leadership can handle difficult discussions.

Good leadership does not shy away from conflict.

Good leadership empowers others to lead and to have ownership.

Good leadership feels responsibility, ownership, accountability and deep connection for their team or product.

Good leadership understands that passion, caring and being emotional are not bad qualities. They connect you to your team and make you human.

Good leadership gives credit and appreciation to the team.

Good leadership protects a team from distractions while not sheltering them from product or market realities.

Good leadership in high tech is like a Jackalope.  Often discussed,  rarely seen.

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