I’m not afraid to speak my mind.

My tongue is sharp, though not unkind.

I shock to make a point sometimes

I quote JayZ and Kendrick’s rhymes

I do not always fit the mold

I can react too strong, I’m told

My tone comes off too hard, too bold

Why can’t your voice stay calm and cold?

I recognize that my approach

 is really di-ffer-ent than most

Whitepapers that are dry as toast

Are not my style. That’s not a boast.

In fact it is a problem often

“Yes, but please, you ought to soften…”

Women know this feedback’s common

Most heard advice that we have gotten…

The way we stand, we talk, we sit

The way our faces show our shit

The way our passion is too lit

When someone else can’t handle it

Well, I prefer my metaphors

My language candid, colorful

 My Sentences scream hyperbole

With analogs and similes

Yeah, it doesn’t always land

And so will come the reprimands

Just take the feedback, understand

Intentions alone will not command

Respect.  So I take it like man.

In the end, we all have ways

Ways we push, we pull, we praise.

Ways we talk and ways we lift

Diversity of style’s a gift

Sometimes our ways may not be best

That’s OK, don’t feel duress

There may be beauty in the mess

All our voices create wealth

So please bring YOUR authentic self.

Be Authentic sign with clouds and sky background

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