The Deafening Din of Silence

In the face of injustice, too many choose muteness over morality.

It is a seductive quietude.

It’s a path of least resistance which appeals to our timid and fatigued selves.

After all, aren’t we all so tired?

How intoxicating that hush can seem, as much as any opiate that offers escape from this painful, pounding world.

But in that silence there lies a violence. Each word swallowed is a brick in a wall that separates us from our own humanity.

In that peace, there is a patent permission for prejudice and pain to propagate without protest.
Your hushhhhhhh becomes harmony to the howls of bigotry, a symphony of the status quo.


We must break through that stillness with the sounds of speaking up. For silence will not save us; it shall only seal our fate as bystanders to mankind’s worst instincts.

There is a time for quietude and a time for chorus,
a time for solitude and a time when we must stand as allies against the shadows of the human soul.

That time is now.

Dare to question the doctrine of discrimination,
raise your voice and rail against the rhetoric of racism,
hammer hard against entrenched injustice,
scream with all your spirit against systems in you’re daily life that propagate inequality.

Cry out for compassion! Call for change! Make noise for those who are voiceless, if only the rest of us dare to disturb the peace and profess our principles.

Speaking out is an act of courage in cowardly times.

Yet silent compliance is moral corruption of the highest degree.

We must break through the quiet, that thick tar of indifference and apathy which threatens to trap us in this age of ethical slumber.

Make a joyful noise! Sound the alarm!
Bear witness with a shout – injustice shall not pass as long as someone is awake and gives a good cry in the night.

The clamor of change is coming.

But it starts with a single voice, your voice, raised up to change one heart, one mind, one life at a time until together we transform this world for the better.

So speak, my friends! SPEAK!

The din of your dissent
will be the dawn of a new day.

Raise your voice – the time has come.

The silence 


             be shattered. 

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