Overview of AI Regulation Around the World

From biased algorithms to deepfake dangers, calls to rein in AI’s wild west are going global. More than 30 countries have proposed or passed laws to govern AI systems and mitigate their risks—but with a patchwork of approaches. Navigating this new world requires decoding a maze of guidelines spanning from blanket AI bans in the EU to laissez-faire uber-techno-libertarianism in the U.S.

While breakthroughs like ChatGPT seem to herald an AI revolution, policymakers face a rising tide of questions without easy answers. Just what kind of legal overlords should we create for our fast-emerging AI robot overlords? Can—or should—we regulate a genie that’s rapidly slipping out of its bottle? And just how will humankind retain the reins as increasingly powerful AI threatens to buck us off?

Here is a visualization of some of the latest AI laws and regulatory trends around the world.

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