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This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to successfully implement a product-led growth (PLG) model. Learn the tactics and best practices for acquiring, retaining, and expanding customers through exceptional product experiences.

PLG flips the traditional model on its head – rather than relying on costly sales teams and marketing campaigns, it uses the product itself as the main vehicle for growth.

But what exactly is product-led growth? And how can you successfully implement it at your company?

I recently published a comprehensive 5-part guide on Medium that explores PLG in-depth:

Part 1: The Fundamentals of Product-Led Growth

Part 1 covers the core concepts of PLG and why this model is essential in today’s economic climate. Learn what PLG is, its key benefits, and how it drives growth through great product experiences.

Part 2: The Tactical PLG Playbook

Part 2 is an actionable blueprint for implementing PLG at your startup. I lay out the tactical steps for transitioning from sales-led to product-led across acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue stages.

Part 3: Optimizing Your Early Funnel

Part 3 dives into optimizing critical early funnel stages for PLG. I cover how to increase conversion rates across signup, onboarding, and those critical first user sessions.

Part 4: Driving Engagement and Retention

Part 4 explores tactics for maximizing customer retention and engagement post-signup. Learn how to keep users active and loyal through stellar product experiences.

Part 5: Turning Users into Advocates

Finally, Part 5 covers the critical final step in PLG: mobilizing happy users into brand advocates. I explain how to systematically turn your best users into referrers and reviewers.

This series offers an A-Z guide to transforming your company’s growth strategy through a product-led model. I highly recommend checking out the full articles for tactical insights and best practices.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m happy to discuss implementing product-led growth at your startup.

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