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Professional Bio:

Liat Ben-Zur is a distinguished technology executive and corporate board member with a reputation for driving digital transformation, product innovation, and strategic growth. She has an exceptional career spanning more than 25 years, with her transformative leadership shaping the technological trajectory of global powerhouses such as Microsoft, Royal Philips, and Qualcomm.

During her tenure as Corporate Vice President for Consumer Services at Microsoft, Liat transformed Microsoft’s Consumer businesses, growing flatlined $6B services businesses to over $13B in under 4 years.  She spearheaded the turnaround of Microsoft’s Edge browser, driving share growth (after 15 consecutive years of share loss to Chrome), launched the world’s first commercial GPT-4 AI-powered service (Bing search), and doubled Microsoft’s consumer SaaS subscription in 3 years.

Previously, as the Senior Vice President at Royal Philips, Liat led the company’s digital transformation, launching over 30 connected IoT and personal health products and instilling an agile, data-driven culture. As Senior Director of Product Management at Qualcomm, Liat launched QCOM’s first open-source project (AllJoyn), evolving that into the largest global IoT Alliance (AllSeen).

Throughout her career, Liat has garnered numerous accolades, notably being named one of “7 Rising Stars of Wireless,” “4 Women Waves in the World of IoT,” one of Inspiring Fifty’s “Most Inspirational Women in Technology,” and one of “The Female Mentors Making a Difference in Silicon Valley” by Mashable. Liat’s passion for leveraging technology for positive impact fuels her dynamic career and establishes her as a leading force in the global technology ecosystem.

Liat excels in navigating complex mobile, IoT, and AI disruptions. She provides strategic guidance on disruptive technologies and product led growth, executes successful M&A strategies, and leads organizational change. As a strategic advisor, Liat now actively engages in VC deal flow evaluation and helps B2B SaaS and B2C startups harness the power of AI and product led growth to transform their markets.

Drawing from her own experiences as a top executive in Fortune 50 companies, Liat passionately advocates for equity, diversity, and inclusion in the tech industry. She has served as the exec sponsor of Microsoft’s LGBTQIA ERG (GLEAM) and is passionate about driving cultural transformation and building more inclusive tech. 

Liat earned a BSEE, magna cum laude, from UC Davis and an MBA with high distinction from UCLA Anderson School of Management. She is also a prolific inventor with multiple technology patents.




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