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Professional Bio:

Liat Ben-Zur, founder of LBZ Advisory, is a highly accomplished technology executive and board member with a proven track record of driving digital transformation, product innovation, and growth for global giants such as Microsoft, Royal Philips, and Qualcomm. With over 25 years of industry experience, Liat has expertly navigated complex mobile, IoT, and AI disruptions, provided strategic guidance on disruptive technologies, executed successful M&A strategies, and spearheaded organizational change. Her multifaceted experience spans not only managing large cap P&Ls, but also leading engineering, product, and marketing teams. Combining deep expertise, strategic acumen, international operations, and exceptional leadership abilities, Liat is an indispensable asset to any board or executive team seeking to thrive in the rapidly evolving technology landscape and achieve sustainable growth.

Throughout her career, Liat has received multiple awards and accolades, including being named one of Fierce Wireless’s “Rising Stars of Wireless” and one of Inspiring Fifty’s “Most Inspirational Women in Technology.” As a cultural change agent, she focuses on building inclusive company cultures and fostering high-performing, high-empathy teams.

Liat has held several key roles, including Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, where she led a turnaround of the company’s browser business and doubled the subscriber base of Microsoft 365 Consumer. As SVP of Digital Transformation at Royal Philips, she launched over 30 IoT and smart connected products and steered cultural transformations. In her tenure at Qualcomm, Liat held positions such as Senior Director of Product Management and Director of Competitive Strategy and M&A.  As founder of LBZ Advisory, Liat now empowers businesses to thrive in an increasingly digital world. She brings her deep industry knowledge, a forward-thinking mindset, and a focus on human-centric design to help clients achieve their strategic goals.

Liat is also a passionate advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equity in the tech industry. She has served as the exec sponsor of Microsoft’s LGBTQIA ERG (GLEAM) and is passionate about driving cultural transformation and creating inclusive company cultures. She has been recognized for her leadership and mentorship skills, being named as “One of the Fifty Most Inspirational Women in Technology in the Netherlands” in 2017 and 2018 by Inspiring Fifty and one of “4 Women Waves in the World of IoT” by Silicon Republic in 2016.

Liat holds an MBA with High Distinction from UCLA Anderson School of Management and a BSEE Magna Cum Laude in Electrical Engineering from UC Davis. She is an inventor with several patents and has served on various advisory, public and nonprofit boards.


About This Blog

Oy Gevalt! is a blog dedicated to my grandmother, Guta Gantz. An Aushwitz and Buchenwald survivor, she is not only the strongest women I’ve ever known, she also invented “Leaning In”. As in, leaning into her grandkids to get married already! She said Oy Gevalt! a lot.

For those of you non-Yiddish speakers, ‘Oy Gevalt’ is an expression of utmost anxiety, frustration or shock, similar to how we might use “Good Grief!” or “OMG!”   Often used while kvetching, ‘Oy Gevalt!’ is a very poignant expression for any working mother of two and/or software exec trying to move the needle in a hardware company. I am both.


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