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When TEDx San Diego asked us if Geek Sheek Beats (GSB) would be willing to write a custom song that spoke to their theme of “Cause and Affect” for their 2012 TEDx event, I was more than delighted.  The GSB team got together and came up with 4 different variations of custom rap songs for the TEDx San Diego Team.  TEDx is all about ‘Ideas Worth Sharing.’  And GSB is all about articulating ideas that need to be shared in an engaging and  authentic way.   So that just felt like a match made in heaven!  Parker & TheNumberman couldn’t be more delighted to work such incredible musical talent across so many different genres, from classical to folk to jazz.

We ended up having two of our custom songs used on stage at the December2012 TEDx event in San Diego.  Tell me what you think?

Listen to our CoffeeHouse original here:

Our goal was to show that Beauty and Creativity often involves merely being aware of ones environment, recognizing the patterns of everyday life.  Whats unique about this track is that it uses no instrumentals.  All sounds you hear are composed using “found sounds” from a coffee shop.   The click of the espresso machine, the milk steamer, bean hopper, etc. were all recorded individually with a hand held recorder and then transferred into a computer and sequenced into rhythms.  We wanted the song to be organic rather than staged.

The second song that we wrote was turned into a beautiful jam session introduction for the whole TEDx event w/ creative additions and adlibs provided by the amazingly talented musicians Ben Sollee, Zach Dellinger, Unknown Lyric (Jeremiah Turner and Kevin Grayson) as well as our very own Parker & TheNumberman.   See Video here:

What I love about TEDx is the ability to truly get creative expression out on the same stage as very technical and brilliant scientific topics.  Its such an amazing kaleidoscope of thought and creativity…what a great escape from high tech corporate life!


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