Why a common language is needed for the IoT

I recently did a few interviews and podcasts speaking to just this question.  The bottom line is that what we are seeing today manifested as the “connected home” or “IoT” is just the beginning.  We are far from what I believe the future of connected devices could really enable.  To realize the vision of more intelligence at the edge nodes, a common language for these devices to discover and interact with one another is critical.

Learn more here:

  1. Smart Home Show Podcast #10: Liat Ben-Zur of the AllSeen Alliance 
  2.  Misener on Tech Podcast on Canada Public Radio (CBC) about interoperability within the connected home.  ( Jump to 24:00 )
  3. Informationweek discussion how Open-source lingua franca aims to let IoT devices and services communicate across manufacturers and operating systems. 
  4. CNN interview about how we can help smart devices start to talk to each other.


Would love you hear your thoughts on these topics.


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