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Beneath the blazoned banner of the brilliant sun,
The season’s call to rest has begun.
In our quest to build, to ascend, to shape,
Let’s not forget the need to escape.

For is not the most soulful symphony,
Fused with pauses, as waves in the sea?
In the lull lies power, in the rest, a tune,
An ode to the unhurried afternoon.

This is not an aimless appeal, idly tossed,
But a clarion call for wellness, too often lost.
More than a mere memento, it’s the spirit’s yearning,
For time’s own treasure, the art of unlearning.

To be unplugged, adrift yet anchored,
In the realm of rest, where creativity is fostered.
To delve into the depths of the carefree mind,
And unearth gems, only the undistracted find.

In the tender whisper of the rustling leaves,
Find the solace that unburdened time bequeaths.
With each ebb, let the heart refill,
With the rhythm of the waves, let the spirit thrill.

As summer unfurls its golden scroll,
Let’s unbind from the corporate hold.
Rekindle, rejuvenate, revive, and renew,
Such is the magic of the unobserved view.

Listen, all leaders, to this my plea, pure and poised,
Beating hearts must slow down to rejoice.
Not cogs in a machine, not numbers on a chart,
We are human, and need time apart.

So, with the rising summer dawn,
Put away the to-do list, long-drawn.
Work is a verse in life’s grand song,
But the chorus of rest makes the melody strong.

For the silence between each resonant note,
Gives the music its soul, its emotive quote.
Thus, I advocate, with fervor and zest,
In the symphony of labor, the power of rest.

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