Best Believe – A poem for my team

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One of my favorite things to do is write raps and poems. Never underestimate the power and beauty of words. So to close out 2021, after yet another difficult pandemic year where my organization not only persevered, but thrived, I penned this poem for my team at Microsoft to show my gratitude.

Best Believe   

Breaking barriers 

Bulldozing bureaucracy  

Banishing the banal 

Between bad ass and batshit crazy, 

You are building bonds, 

Building breakthroughs, 

Building bridges, 

Building brands. 

You are brilliant. 




Bearing the bloodshed of brainstorms. 

Buttoning up bourgeoning benefits. 

Breeding brutally bare bundles. 

Brazenly bracing boardroom banter. 

You burn for that big bang. 

For brand-new battlefields. 

For the bounty. 

But blessed be thy budgets… 

Breathe. They will budge. 

Your big heartedness, 

Your bountiful backbone, 

You beam benevolence. 

Here, you are beloved. 

You belong.  


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